Scarlett Sage

Scarlett has her floatation device on and is ready to snorkel. Right away she sees fish hanging out at the bottom. Not long after that you see a giant turtle. Scarlett follows it around until it decides to hide under a rock because too many people are bothering it. Scarlett is so grateful you took her to Hawaii, and now it's going to get better because you're headed to the Maui Ocean Center. To finish the evening you enjoy a luau. You're going to travel the road to Hana. Along the way you pull over to walk down to the beach in order to be 15' away from a bunch of monster sea turtles that are resting on the beach. Scarlett feeds ducks at one of your other stops. Later on Scarlett is hungry for your cock. From the passenger seat she begins to blow and jack your cock off until people start to show up. That was a close one! All Scarlett wants to do is fuck now. You pull over to another spot and go at it again. This time your cock actually makes it into her tiny pussy. Just as you're starting to fuck her reverse cowgirl, a few cars start to drive up. Scarlett hops off and you drive away. That was much too close, but you can't help it because Scarlett looks so tasty. You drive along the road to Hana with Scarlett. She loves all the waterfalls and beautiful beaches, and you have a good time watching Scarlett dance and sing along to the radio. As if the the vacation couldn't get any better, Scarlett is about to top it off. You pull over and jump in the back seat of the rental SUV. It's super hot watching Scarlett suck your cock. Later she lets you stick it in her pussy. Before continuing on your journey Scarlett finishes you off with a handjob.

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