Elsa Jean

You cruise down the road to Hana in a Jeep you rented.. Each time you stop to sightsee Elsa is very impressed. Your favorite part it walking directly behind that juicy ass every time you climbed up a hill.. Elsa enjoys the lava tube, black rock beach and the powerful waterfalls. After teasing Elsa's perfect pussy on the balcony you move the action to the living room. You finger plays with her meaty pussy as her feet point and flex. Elsa stuffs her mouth with your cock and you later stuff her pussy with it. She lubes up her feet for a footjob, and she takes your cock in the doggy position. You finish by filling her pussy with a creampie, then sticking your cock back inside. Elsa is very excited to go to the nude beach, and you just know she's going to be the hottest one there. It's a bit of a hike, but will be well worth it. Her nude body on the beach looks amazing. Elsa loves the beach so much that you later go to another one. She'll be leaving you tomorrow so she wants you to have good memories of her. Elsa lets you eat her out. Now that her pussy is nice and lubricated your cock penetrates it. In the doggy position you can see her lips stretching each time you pull out. You finally release a load of cum all over her feet.

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