Brittany Shae

Brittany is very excited to see you. She looks like a beautiful flower when she looks over the balcony of your room way above everybody else. Brittany takes off her sweaty socks and showers. You almost forgot how curvy she was! Brittany wears these see-through white pants that are complimentary to her body AND reveal her tiny underwear. Everybody checks out her bubble butt when you get to the luau, including jealous women! She has a fun time participating in the activities and even going up on stage to shake her booty. Brittany has had a LONG few days so you both will save each other for later on. Brittany is so horny for you after the luau. You mess around on the bed before pulling her panties off - you were dying to get to those since she was teasing everyone with her see-through white pants. After you make her squirm by eating her pussy, Brittany pulls down your pants to suck your cock. Her meaty feet give you a footjob in the doggy position so that you can admire her wide soles. You fuck her pretty good, and since she thinks so too, she lets you creampie her pussy. Brittany gets dressed to head out to Maui with you - before you leave Brittany wants to see the beach one last time. Maui is awesome, and she can't wait to see the little black goats. She's so happy that she flashes her tits at you. When you finally make it to the beach you enjoy the sunset, but seeing Brittany's fabulous body underwater is way better.

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